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tailored for your needs

Long Term Insurance

Life cover, funeral cover, and cover from dread disease or disability is absolutely crucial in the times we are living in. Our team carry the expertise to guide you through making the wisest decision for your family, your loved ones, and their financial future.

Wealth Creation

Through our extensive knowledge in Investment Planning and Management, we can confidently assist you in establishing long-term financial success, to sustain you in the future.

Short Term Insurance

We not only provide advice on how to maximise your short term insurance, but we assist in sourcing comparative quotes against multiple insurers, to ensure that you get the best cover, for the best price.


The best way to secure your tomorrow, is by starting today. We provide sound advice upon which you can base decisions for your financial future.

Independent Risk Planning

Income protection, dread disease cover, disability cover, and various other forms of cover are not something anybody ever desires to make use of, however it could save your life. We have the expertise to ensure that you’ve got the right cover, should calamity ever strike.

Medical Aid

Not one person’s needs are the same, nor is one family the same as another. By assessing your medical conditions, family history, etc. we can assist in guiding you to have the right cover.


Tax Year End doesn’t need to cause you any stress. Our team of experts handle everything from start to nish.


Our Accounting services are tailored according to your needs and budget, and are
packaged for both individuals and businesses.